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States of Democracy, January 23rd - February 20th, Sonnenschein Gallery, Lake Forest, IL

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

ON VIEW: January 23rd - February 20th, 2020

Gallery Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 2-5 pm |

Sat-Sun 1-5 pm

I am happy to announce that my latest video piece Freedom has Never Tasted so Good will be exhibited in Lake Forest, Illinois this month and next month as a part of the video art exhibition States of Democracy!

Description: Crucial to the success of democracy stand the challenges of equal representation, justice and human rights. Progress towards these goals can be fragile and recent election cycles have created salient evidence that deep regressions in democratic systems are warnings we must take seriously.

Fluctuating success in securing long-standing progress imply that democracy is not simply practiced at the ballot box it is also a system needing regular maintenance, improvement and persistent engagement. Driven to explore the states of democracy, poignant artworks are effective vehicles through which we encourage discourse and provide rare opportunities to critique and examine its intricacies.

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