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Please Don't Drink

Porcelain Sink, Faucet, Ink

 In 2014 Flint, Michigan decided to change their water source from Detroit to the Flint River in order to save money. As a result, high amounts of lead were being consumed by Flints residents because their government insisted their water was safe when it indeed wasn’t. When the danger of the water rose, it became extremely difficult for the community to complete basic everyday tasks. The Flint community had to result to using water bottles and gallons for simple things like showering, washing their hands, cooking, washing their clothes etc. This was also viewed as an attack on a low-income community that is primarily Black. As of 2018, the government says the water is safe but people in Flint are still hesitant to believe them. 


Please Don't Drink includes direct quotes and experiences from the people of Flint, Michigan. 

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