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ON VIEW: June 26th - July 26th, 2020

24/7 Window Installation

Hello everyone!

The latest rendition of my piece Fallen Pins of America is now on view at Modified Arts in Phoenix! Note that these pins are from 2015-2020 and there are hundreds of deaths that go undocumented and misrepresented. What saddens me is that this piece is ongoing, ever changing, and will need to be updated every time a new murder arises. We need to work together to keep the movement going. We need to DEMAND change, hold police accountable, and get justice for all of the people that have been affected by police brutality. 

This installation as well as work by Marcellous Lovelace, Smush, and Jay Hampton will be up at Modified Arts until July 26th as a part ofRoadside Attractions, organized by ArtFarm PHX and Practical Art PHX. 

Thank you for reading!

-Mia B.

FESTIVAL DATES: April 24th-26th, 2020

I am excited to announce that for the first time ever, my video piece Freedom has Never Tasted so Good will be screened internationally at the Ibrida Festival for Intermedia Arts in Forlì, Italy! Displaying my artwork at an international level has been a major goal of mine and it is pretty surreal that the time has finally come! Because of my work's subject matter, it is important for me to reach as wide of an audience as I can. With my visuals, I aim to enable conversation throughout the United States and beyond! I would also like to take a moment to thank every single one of you reading for your constant support! For more information on the Ibrida Festival, continue reading below!

ABOUT IBRIDA HYBRID FESTIVAL: "Ibrida, the festival of intermedia arts, was born in 2015 in order to investigate and disseminate the most recent productions and research in the field of experimental audiovisual (videoart, found footage, meta-cinema, 2D and 3D animation, etc.), welcoming in a completely natural way also performance art and electronic music. Hybrid blooms from the seeds of Re / Action and from 2016 it develops over several days inside the Fabbrica delle Candele and other spaces of the city of Forlì, after the interest shown by the public and professionals.

Hybrid is curated by Vertov Project, with the artistic direction of Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo and the critical collaboration of Piero Deggiovanni". (via

Thank you to everyone for all of the endless support!

Hello everyone!

I am humbled to announce that my very first interview is now up online for Voyage Phoenix! About a month ago Voyage Phoenix Magazine reached out to me with interest in featuring me in their Phoenix's Most Inspiring Stories series. This series is used to highlight independent and upcoming businesses/entrepreneurs throughout Phoenix and it's surrounding cities and I am grateful to be representing my home town Chandler, AZ! Click here or the link above to read the full interview and get to know more about me and my art! As a Black and Latina woman that makes political art, it’s very special to me to have the opportunity to share my perspective, my backstory, and control my own narrative while being completely honest and true to who I am and my work. In the article, you’ll get to know more about me, my struggles, my inspirations, and the underlying foundation of my art! Also, please feel free to share the link with anyone that may be interested in reading! I hope you all enjoy reading the interview and I want to give a special thank you to everyone for the endless support! Lots of love Mia B.


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